Are fairy tales beneficial for children's development?Are fairy tales beneficial for children’s development? 


Fairy tales are fantastic for your child for a number of reasons. Keep reading to find out more!

1. Early Literacy Development

Storytelling plays an important role in Early Literacy development. It acts as an essential building block to literacy. Children’s imaginations are further enhanced through listening to fairy tales. You can engage children to discuss how the fantasy land or amazing worlds from these stories can be different or the same from our real world. Through such interaction with your children, it will help them express their ideas easily.

Studies also show that regular storytelling activities can help broaden a child’s vocabulary.

2. Positive Problem Solving Skills

Children learn from the characters in the stories and this helps them connect the situation with their own lives. The stories show children how to have a positive outlook amidst any anxieties, battles and problems in life. It also teaches them critical thinking skills.

3.  Building Resilience in Children

The world today can be seen as frightening place. Many families and most specifically children can undergo tremendous stress. In such situation, children need to be aware that bad things happen to everyone. Fairy tales can help them develop emotional resiliency by helping them connect the stories to real life issues where most of the time the hero triumphs. These stories show them that we all go through life challenges and that they must always be prepared and believe that they can succeed in life.

4. Fairy Tales teaches the Basic of a Story

Fairy Tales are great tools for teaching kids about story development, conflict resolution, the development of characters, heroes and villains and simply broadening their imagination. Furthermore, it helps them differentiate fiction to non-fiction stories.

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